Has anyone ever told you that God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life? I have a real quick but important question to ask you. If you were to die this very second, do you know for sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would go to Heaven?

Let me quickly share with you  what the Holy Bible reads. It reads "for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" and "for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." The Bible also reads, "For whosoever shall be saved." You are a whosoever right? Of course you are, all of us are.

If you would like to receive the gift that God has for you today, say this simple prayer. Dear Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Forgive me of my sin, wash me and cleanse me. Set me free. Jesus, thank you that you died for me. I believe that you've risen from the dead and that you're coming back for me again. Fill me with the Holy Spirit. Give me a passion for the lost, a hunger for the things of  God, and a holy boldness to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm saved, I'm born again, I'm forgiven and I'm on my to Heaven because I have Jesus in my heart.Amen.

Because you have prayed this prayer according to the Holy Bible, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I tell you today that all your sins are forgiven. Always remember to run toward God and not from God because He loves you and has a great plan for your life!

If you would like to share with me your decision to receive  Christ into your heart, I would love to welcome you to the family of  God! You can contact me at:  crystalsrosecottagechic@gmail.com.  


If not, that's fine too. Find a good church that teaches the truth of  God's word and will encourage your growth in Christ.

Some wonderful ministries to visit online:


Kevin Zadai died and went to Heaven and spent time with Jesus. Jesus asked him to come back to earth to share God's truth and love and he agreed. His teachings are awesome!



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